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Juliet Manja

diya khan

Posted on April 29 2016

?Juliet Manja ?
Assist with white discharge problem.
Reduce tummy size in 7 days.
Tightens, firms and enhance bust size, including brightens aerola.
Pinkish vagina & no more smell.
Tightens loose vagina area due to after birth. Walls and vagina entry will be more elastic and tightened naturally.
Prevents vaginal infections and balance pH level.
Boost and tighten hips.
Assist in darkening of grey hair & improves hair growth.
Slows down aging process.
Skin brightens, softer, tightens and look more youthful.
Improves sleep problem.
Shrinks cyst and fybroid.
Increase energy and alertness.
Shapes and tones body.
Korean Ginseng, Manajakani, Pueraria, Mirifica, Serapat & Mixberry.


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