Lovera complete cleanser perfect product for sensitive skin like the beautiful Etrangle!

Lovera complete cleanser perfect product for sensitive skin like the beautiful Etrangle!

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My selfie this time has meaning one!

Ok stop playing. Be serious now.
Do you have a very sensitive skin like me?

Read on then.

Obviously anything that I recommend will have to be based on my personal experience. My skin has always been super sensitive, to begin with. It is as sensitive as me. HAHA. That said, it is very prone to pimples, acnes...or people who like to agitate me (haha!). While I would like to think and convince myself that I am still a girl growing up, truth is, I am not. LOL.

It is difficult to find a cleanser made of natural products off the rack these days. Most cleansers just make my skin react even more! (Might as well don't use one in the first place right?) I was then recommended to something new.
After the first wash, I noticed that my skin felt super fresh and soft! But me being the sceptical me did not really believe it until the next few washes! Noticed also that my skin was glowing with a natural and healthy blush! Like you know, the cheeks looked slightly pinkish.
I then figured out why.
Habbatusauda/ Black Seed Oil!

Some of the many benefits of Habbatusauda/ Black Seed Oil are included in this 5-in-1 cleanser:

1. Clean clogged pores due to dust and excessive oil

2. Kill acne bacteria and reduce swelling

3. Eliminate dull skin and changing it to a new skin glowing
4. Moisturizes the skin from within

5. Slows the aging process of the skin and protects skin from free radicals

Habbatusauda/ Black Seed Oil also prevents drying of skin it is known to be rich in plant acids, fatty acids and amino acid. Lovera Complete Cleanser also contains aloe vera! And we all know aloe vera is our skin's Best friend!
The more I age (ouch!), the more I notice how well my skin and I respond to natural products, and naturally nice people (haha again). Less reaction. Not as many breakouts (or breakdowns) except when it's that time of the month.
The best thing about this cleanser is, it is halal! It is suitable for all skin types too.
PRICE PER BOTTLE: $19.90 #mobilebeautysgreviews

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