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Magic Jelly..... close to be MAGIC!!!!

diya khan

Posted on June 28 2016

As you would have already known by now, Sharleez has eczema since young and this causes her skin to be dry and sensitive. It's not helping that the weather these days are scorching hot.
So when her eczema pays a little visit, this also means that I have to control it so that it will not linger or worsen.
Lately, I have noticed that the area around her mouth is a bit dry. So she has been using the new and improved Magic Jelly to soothe and moisturise the affected area. Yes yes, we are repeat customers of Magic Jelly!
Sharleez likes how Magic Jelly has the cooling effect when applied on her skin and most importantly, since it is made from natural products, it does not irritate her skin.
Only a few days of usage but the white patch around her mouth has lessened! Sharleez makes it a point to apply Magic Jelly after her shower and right before bedtime.
The new formula by Magic Jelly contains new ingredients - Chamomile and Water-chestnut.
1. Treat stubborn pimples/acnes .
2. Natural skin whitening .
3. Shrink pores .
4. Lightens dark circles .
5. Anti-oxidant & anti-aging .
6. Reduces dandruff .
7. Quicken healing process .
1. Naturally eliminate dull skin .
2. Brightening .
3. Moisturises skin .
4. Slow the aging process .
5. Contains vitamin B & C which good for skin health .Besides the above benefits, Magic Jelly also has the following known benefits:
1. Kills pimples.
2. Brightening.
3. Lightens scars.
4. Anti-oxidant: protects from free radicals.
5. Anti-aging.
6. Glowing skin.
7. Lessens dandruff.
8. Helps with eczema.
9. Treats sunburns.
10. Soothe and quickens the healing process of burns.
11. Gets rid of dead skin.
12. Softens rough skin.
13. Soothes and treats nappy & milk rash for babies.
14. Eliminates dull skin.Want to place your order too?One bottle of the New Enhanced Magic Jelly is only $27.90 instead of the usual price $29.90For orders visit


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