Fawaa Beauty

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Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty

Fawaa Beauty combines the highest grade Collagen with 100% natural food extract that focuses on your inner and external beauty. In order to obtain a vibrant skin and hair, we first have to focus on our inner self and ensure that our skin receives all the necessary nutrients to support it.


Fawaa Beauty’s main focus is towards bringing life to your Skin and Hair, its formula provides anti-ageing, elasticity, brightens and gives moisture to your skin. Also, FawaaBeauty promotes a shinier, stronger and healthier hair, which can improve hairloss, dandruff and dry hair.


Fawaa Beauty select natural ingredients with a proven track record of being beneficial for skin and body !

  • Pomegranate
  • Green Apple
  • Collagen
  • Prune
  • Honey
  • Tomato
  • Licorice
  • Virgin coconut oil
  • Snow Fungus 

*What is Fawaa for?

Fawaa Beauty is a collagen beauty shot that promotes healthier skin and hair. The ingredients used are 100% natural food extracts such as pomegranates, prunes, collagen(from fish) and Virgin Coconut Oil all combined into one sachet.


*Direction of use for Fawaa?

- One sachet per day, just tear and sip.

- 30 minutes before breakfast is the recommended time to consume

*DO NOT NEED to add water


*Can Fawaa be taken by men?

Yes, Fawaa Beauty can be consumed by both, men and women.


*Pantang Larang?

No, all food can be eaten while consuming Fawaa Beauty. However make sure to reduce oil intake, and drink plenty of water for best results.


*Is there any side effects while taking Fawaa?

No, but if you have a serious medical condition, please consult your doctor first before consuming Fawaa Beauty.


*Can Fawaa be taken during pregnancy?

Yes, but ONLY after the 2nd trimester, which is 4 months and above.


*Any recommendations while consuming Fawaa Beauty?

Reduce oil intake and DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!




Who can consume :


 Minimum 13 years old and above 

 Man & Woman

 During Menses 

 Pregnant ladies - 2nd trimester (4 months and above 


 How to consume : 

 14 sachets ( 1 per day)

 No need to dilute with water 

Best consume 30 mins before breakfast .

 Drink 6-8 glass water per day 



Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty
Fawaa Beauty

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