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F. BeauShot by Fazura

F BEAUSHOT is a tomato-based beverage that acts as a brightening agent and the effect can be seen in 7 days!

3 Main Ingredients F Beaushot
1.  Tomatoes: helps to brighten the skin, reduce pores, overcome acne and dull skin.

2.  L-cysteine: It slows down the natural aging process and helps in the synthesis of glutathione which is very anti-oxidative and can help brighten the skin.

3. Schisandra: contains powerful antioxidant properties that work to rejuvenate the skin. (youthful skin)

ADVANTAGES of F Beaushot
- Brighten up to 3 tones lighter
- Restores moisture to the skin from the inside
- Reduces the wrinkles on the skin
- Treats acne and acne problems
- Even out skin tone
- Reduce scar on the face and body
- Reduces excess oil on the skin
- Eliminates dull skin problems

Take 1 sachet of F Beaushot once a day

Suitable for:

- Men and women 12 years of age and above
- Diabetic patients (4 hours with medication)
- Chronic patients should consult their doctor first
- Nursing moms after 6 months
- Not suitable for pregnant ladies