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G99 is a kids food supplement that consist of Beetroot and Gingko Biloba that helps to strengthen mind.


G99 has been taken by many consumers and they are very satisfied with it đź‘Ť


Benefits :

✔Sharpens the brain, encourages interest to learn

✔Active mind and body

✔Increase concentration, strengthen memory skills

✔Ease to wake up in the morning and energetic all day

✔Ease the feelings of anxiety, fear and panic

✔Prevents fever, gastric, headache, sinus

✔Helps to balance emotions, less short tempered 

✔Aids in blood circulation, nerve and immune system

✔Ease physical and mental fatigue


Recommended for older kids 7 years & above

Take 1 tablet every morning and 1 tablet Before sleep

1 bottle has 60 tablet. 1 month supply. 


Goat milk, Honey, Dates, Raisin, Arabic Gum, Gingko Biloba, Black seed, Beetroot, Bacopa

Halal certified.