Tinted Moisturiser


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 Using Doctox Leola tinted moisturiser has a number of benefits .It's great for your skin, saves you time & easy to use .The liquid light weight creamy texture offers medium to-full coverage and gives you dewy and glowing effects.


1. It's great for your skin

Most foundations only cover up your skin without treating the underlying causes of imperfections.


2. It has a light coverage 

Unlike foundation, tinted moisturiser doesn’t cake.

It provides a lighter cover that allows your skin to breathe. For sensitive skin, this means that your face doesn’t dry out and it isn’t irritated by blocked pores.

In a warmer climate, tinted moisturisers let your skin cool, air, and dry itself naturally.

3. It will save you time

Simplifies your daily routine.

Save yourself a step in the morning with this two-in-one moisturiser and cover up product.

4. It's easy to apply

Tinted moisturiser is just like moisturiser. Applying it is a piece of cake – simply squirt some on your hands and rub it in.

5. It protects you from the sun

In addition to intense hydration, most high quality tinted moisturisers provide a level of SPF to protect your skin from the harsh sun.

6. It's versatile

Used alone, the complete hydration from tinted moisturisers gives your skin a fresh, natural, dewy look.

If you prefer a more matte finish, simply add some light, sheer powder over the top.

When it’s time to add the finishing touches, the lightweight coverage of tinted moisturiser gives you plenty of room to build the perfect look.


Suitable for medium to fair skin! 



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