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Zahara Breathable Nail Polish

Zahara Breathable Nail Polish

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About our breathable
nail polish

▪ Made in France
▪ Water & Oxygen permeable
▪ 7-Free formulation
▪ Vegan & cruelty-free
▪ Quick-drying
▪ Lasts up to 10 days*
▪ Certified Halal

We have found that our polish can last up to 14 days if you had correctly prepared and sealed your manicure. This also depends on your lifestyle and how active you are with your hands, especially nails.


Nail Polish:
How is it water permeable?

▪ We have sent our nail polish to a 3rd party lab to test the water-permeability of our nail polishes, you can view the lab report here.
▪ The test method: nail polish is painted onto filter paper and a hygrometer (an instrument that measures water content in the atmosphere) is placed below the paper. Water is then rubbed onto the surface of the polish while the water level is measured on the other side of the filter with the hygrometer.
▪ The results: for both the 1 coat and the 2 coat experiments water level in the atmosphere increased to 95%, proving water permeability.

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