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diya khan

Posted on February 04 2016

After trying our product at HALF the recommended dosage with our services and for only a month, she @nsquareee able to see massive changes on her skin!! ?? Try it for yourself ladies and see the change?? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 'Dec 2014. After 2.5yrs of shift work and zero effort for my skin, all my life. Only cleanser twice a day.

Feb 2015. 2 months of adding on serum and moisturizer and face masks. It stayed stagnant like that with random breakouts.

Today! Mid Nov 2015.

I've been taking Satin Skinz at half the recommended dosage, usually two tabs at night. Only been a month! And 2 rounds of facial with you. My congestion is wayyyyy lesser. My random pimples... They aren't appearing!! And I've noticed no more scarring marks on the sides of my cheeks and chin.' This customer has been trying to pamper her skin with face masks and mosturizer to no avail for 2 months! #mobilebeautysgreviews


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