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Bidara [Instock]

Bidara [Instock]

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With a blend of Bidara Leaves, Kaffir Lime Leaf, Garam Bukit, and Rose Extract, AS Legacy Bidara Shower Gel revitalizes skin while imparting a sensation of softness and freshness. While taking a shower, evenly distribute AS Legacy Bidara Shower Gel over your body.


  • Detoxifies the skin of toxins
  • Aids in skin smoothing and softening
  • Provide freshness and eliminate fatique
  • Energizes and lifts the spirit
  • Kaffir lime has a pleasant, fresh scent  


Benefits of Bidara
• Accelerate Wound Healing
Bidara leaves contain anti-inflammatory chemicals that can hasten the healing of wounds.
• Solving Beauty Issues
Acne and other signs of early aging, like wrinkles and under-eye circles, can be efficiently treated using bidara leaves.
• Relieve Burns
The fresh leaves of the bidara might have a cooling effect on burnt skin. Additionally, compounds present in bidara's leaves help shield the skin from burns.
• Caring for dry skin
• Overcoming Depression Symptoms
The advantages of bidara leaves are also useful for treating anxiety, which frequently appears as depressive symptoms. A pleasant effect can be obtained from compounds made from bidara leaf extract.

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